Welcome To The Bark Pawdcast!

Are you the type to over pamper your dog? 

We love to over pamper everyone that visits. 

Welcome to The Bark Pawdcast! 


We are all about your dog’s world!  Your dog’s health, wealth, and happiness

are important. Get ready for some awesome pawdcasts so that you and your dog

can have the best relationship possible. We will also talk a lot about how to

make sure that your dog gets the best pampering in the world with some of our

products. Gone are the days of sad puppy eyes when you leave!


The Bark Podcast will allow your

dog to flip an ear up weekly on:

  • New Dog food that is on the market
  • New dog technology
  • Cool products and services related to dogs. 


Here at The Bark Pawdcast we make sure that your dog has absolutely

everything he or she needs to be fabulous and healthy for life. It is important to

enjoy your kick-tail walks and eat like an elephant too. Your dog’s poopsies can

be so solid that you can now say buh-bye to the carpet butt scratch. Welcome

and find your dogs place here! There is literally a seat for everyone and every


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