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Treats are god’s gift to dogs, right? They just can’t wait for more, nor can they get enough. Especially when grandma is involved! Grandogs are the most important to all grandmas and grandpas. Grandkids are pretty cool but granddogs take the cake.

It is about time for you to remind all folks that you encounter to not feed your dog too many treats. They already get two meals usually per day. It might happen that your dog would become irregular with his poo’s because they had too many treats. The real sign is when your dog gets the eggplant shape you need to seriously watch out. More on that on another post of course. With all that being said green beans are a fabulous alternative to those high calorie treats.

Why would you even want to feed your dog those natural, long, skinny green things? Well, first they help with your dogs digestion. It keeps them regular shall we say. And it also would be something where if your dog were in the wild, they would find vegetables and probably not grains. So keeping your dogs diet as natural as possible would definitely be preferable for any dog. Green beans work as excellent treats that will make their mouth water. Rather than giving your dog those yucky, sugary treats….green beans could be the answer! As always though, talk to your vet, reason things out but always make sure your dog is eating as healthy and natural as they can.

Have you ever tried green beans with your dog? Better yet you can have a meal of green beans and so can your dog! Match made in freaking heaven!

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