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Have you been pulled down the street by your dog yanking your arm from the end of the leash? If you are anything like myself, my pants don’t always fit perfectly so they start sliding down slowly but surely depending on the pace that we end up going. Here are three tips for you to have the best walk.


Stay Calm! Seriously folks, your dog has to take a shit and it is also time for you to take a big breather. Imagine if you were indoors for the last 6 hours and couldn’t go in a toilet. The only thing you could do in the toilet is drunk the water, right? First and foremost it is so important for you to stay calm no matter what your dog is doing.

Daily walks!This is so incredibly important. Many dogs love a 20-minute walk in the morning and 20-minute walk in the evening. This also allows you to shed a few pounds yourself. This is a walk too, you do not have time to sniff every single tree on the block. If your dog has to go potty then make a specific spot for your dog to go potty and then train your dog to go there. Keep following us as we will go more in depth here in the future on how to train your dog to potty on a specific place or follow a specific command.


Buy your puppy plenty of toys. Puppies love to pull and tear apart absolutely everything. Give your puppy a toy that they can either digest (i.e. a rawhide, hard bone) or something they can’t pull apart easily, like a rubber toy. Be careful of the toys that have stuffing in them, as many dogs will chew and swallow the strings and stuffing.


Below we have some absolutely hilarious clips that will make your sides hurt with all the silly things dogs do on a walk.


What has your dog done that is hilarious during a walk?

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