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You got the poopsies…

I cannot tell you how many times I have walked into a person’s house and all of a sudden a dog is sicker than sick. It just truly blows my mind to think that all of a sudden I am so extremely special that they have the poopsies just for me. They give you that knowing face, “muahahaha, I have the poopsies, and I am going to make sure that you get your hours in with me.”


One story, in particular, comes to mind with having the poopsies. He is so cute and adorable that it would be hard not to talk about Mr. Bentley. Mr. Bentley is a Goldendoodle, he has this fluffy and cute little mane of hair. He isn’t your average poodle though I might add. He is a medium sized poodle and only weighs about 25 pounds. I have known him since he was about 4 months old.


One day, he was outside and was pooping blood which scared me half to death. For whatever reason, I was outside with him to see this because I was also trying to clean up a mess that he had made inside. The poopometer was going through the roof at this point.


Immediately I called the vet because it was quite a bit of blood and I had no idea what to do. The vet couldn’t get us in for a few hours while I persuaded them to get us in much sooner. If I am wonder woman, I was going to be it for Bentley.



We get to the vets’ office and I am so anxious about getting the best care. Thankfully Bentley calmed me down the most. We walked into the office and Bentley saw some office ladies. Now if this doesn’t say he isn’t a ladies man I don’t know what will. We walked in and he started giving her kisses left and right. She goes wow he must be feeling pretty good. Only one end was feeling good apparently! 



We got him some medicine and went on the soft and boring food diet(chicken and rice). I later discussed all that occurred with the owner who said he got into some bones the other day. This is an excellent reminder for you to watch out for the cooked bones with your dog. Raw bones are totally fine but cooked bones be very very careful that your dog doesn’t eat them. The cooked bones are little shards when you pull them apart and can severely damage a dogs intestines. Bentley ultimately was just fine thank goodness and was a happy and healthy dog when the owner came back. He is such a cutie!


What in the world do you do when a dog gets sick?


Here are three ways for you to make sure you don’t go to the vet as often with your puppy(like Bentley):

1. They should be with you at all times when you are home. You both can bond. 

2. When going for a walk always keep them on a leash so that they don’t get into anything they aren’t supposed to. 

3. As a puppy make sure they don’t get into the trash or anything else that could be harmful to your dog by crate training them.

Remember though those things happen. We know you love your puppy to the moon and back. We also know that sometimes those emergency visits happen. If you do end up going to the vet because your dog got into something, it is okay to forgive yourself and your dog because they have already moved on. Your dog still loves you, we promise!


What crazy things has your dog put you through with getting sick at the least opportune time?


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